Interview Pegasus

Responding to customers' needs

Bjørn Kreijen, Corporate Manager Marketing Products & Pricing, Q-Park NV

In 2014 we initiated a large-scale international programme entitled Pegasus which will support all kinds of digital services. It will be an online solution for all our countries which will enable us to inform customers locally about parking spaces which can be reserved in advance. The system has five major components:

  • online booking
  • online season ticket sales
  • sharing static and availability information
  • links to our online services and third party systems and/or offerings
  • a new My Q-Park self-service portal

A key reason for developing Pegasus was the idea of drawing attention to the need for parking during the process of purchasing a leisure or business need online. We are part of the customers' journey. If we can pull that contact moment forward to the preparation stage, we may be able to tempt the customer to choose Q-Park. Moreover, it is our intention to further integrate parking in partners’ processes, such as hotels, events and navigation systems, and thus influence the choice of people parking.

Convenience for the customer

A good example of the way we in which we implement this is in Maastricht. Since December 2014, visitors to Maastricht can reserve a parking space in the Q-Park Cabergerweg parking facility online. A confirmation e-mail containing a QR code can be used directly from the smartphone or can be printed to gain access to this parking facility. In this way, customers can plan a visit to Maastricht down to the last detail and they do not have to queue at the payment machine. This new opportunity is the result of collaboration between Maastricht Bereikbaar (Making Maastricht Accessible) and Q-Park, as part of the nationwide programme Beter Benutten which is designed to improve the accessibility of the city. In 2015 we will be offering this in other Q-Park countries.

Pegasus Frontend, Q-Park Cabergerweg, Maastricht, The Netherlands