Interview Social return on investment

Martine Menko, Investment Officer at the Pensioenfonds Beroepsvervoer, a Q-Park shareholder

More sustainable thinking and doing

In her day-to-day working environment, Martine Menko sees a movement toward more sustainable thinking and doing. “We compensate for our CO2 emissions, watch our paper consumption, that kind of thing, but the environmental impact of our business operations is insignificant compared to that of a manufacturing company. The impact of investments, our core activity, is many times greater. We are engaged in socially responsible investment. This is still in its infancy. I think that in the next few years significant changes will occur, also under social pressure. On the one hand, shareholders say: we want a good return, and on the other: our participants are society itself. So the question arises: what is socially responsible? The highest possible financial return or should we take this more broadly to be a societal return on investment? I think that in a few years' time we will be considering more aspects than just operational efficiency. Aspects with which we can make clear choices for the long-term.”


Considering the importance that they attach to corporate social responsibility, she welcomes Q-Park's CSR policy. “I think the company has the responsibility to endeavour to reduce the impact on society by increasing the sustainability of its car parks. Municipalities should also do their part to make traffic flows for parking as efficient as possible, because that influences the CO2 emissions as well. Q-Park doesn't have full control on that, but it can exercise its influence on a municipality's mobility policy. They should adopt this. It is important that those aspects you can influence, you do as well as you can. I am convinced that in the long-run, being trendsetter will pay off.”